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Dr Partho Dhang
   Dr Partho Dhang

Dr. Partho Dhang works as a consultant to a number of companies and organizations involved in Pest Management. His work covers diverse fields which includes research and development, field evaluation of products, registration and training practitioners. He is also an adjudicator of doctoral thesis from two universities in India and regularly evaluates thesis on the subject of economic entomology. Dr. Dhang is a prolific writer and speaker in the international pest control market. He has spoken in many international conferences and as invited speaker to many national conferences in many countries. He has published over 50 research papers in international journals. He has also edited 3 books covering “urban pest management” and “climate change” which are all published by CAB International, UK.

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  • Urban Pest Control – A Practitioner's Guide   2018-05-17

    This book provides a handy set of information to practitioners engaged in urban and household pest control. Written following a non technical script, containing illustrations and multiple coloured pictures the book is a useful tool for self learning as well as for training fellow practitioners. The book contains simplified pest identification keys, a vital tool for field technicians to use on their job. Even though the book is written with a Asian audience in mind, the coverage is worldwide.

  • Use of termite baits in controlling Macrotermes- a notorious agriculture pest   2018-03-09

    Macrotermes gilvus is an iconic species in South East Asia simply because it is used as a specimen to study most termite management tools and systems. The species has also transformed to become an emerging pest in recent times. However majority of infestation follow above ground routes, which prevents use of chemical barriers. In this scenario termite baits comes to significance. With adequate evidence on efficacy, it is now easy to recommend that use of Requiem® to control M gilvus.

  • Opportunities for Insect Pheromones in South East Asia   2013-11-06

    The opportunities and potential for pest management using pheromones are abundant in SE Asia. With growing investment of overseas business houses in agriculture in this region solely for tapping the export market, pheromones could be crucial. Pheromones could reduce insecticide usage, residue counts and can assist phytosanitary clearances.

  • Baiting technology: an emerging tool for controlling termites in plantations   2013-10-18

    Termite baiting has evolved in recent times as a sustainable method for managing termites in plantations. Termite baiting involves the application of above ground baiting stations containing bait matrix on the mud tubes and mud galleries of the active termites on tree trunks and also termite mounds.

  • Current Agricultural Chemical Trends in Philippines   2012-09-12

    The country imports bulk of its chemical inputs and there is no local production undertaken. However there are numerous local formulators who are dependent on importation of the active ingredient from overseas sources to develop their final product. The total agricultural chemical business in 2011 is estimated to be around 178 million US dollars.

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