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  • Stricter Environmental Policies in China: Part of Growing Pains for Healthier Industry2018-03-15

    What is the impact of China's environmental inspection campaign on pesticide enterprises? How will the enterprises respond to and treat this challenge? What adjustments will be made and what are their plans for the future? In response to these questions, AgroPages interviewed companies in the two main markets directly affected by the environmental measures, namely, Chinese companies that play a leading role in the export of pesticides, and Latin American enterprises that rely heavily on Chinese pesticides.

  • Agri-inputs E-commerce: A Long Way Starting from Channel Innovation to Healthy Development2017-11-09

    AgroPages has been closely following and reporting various related events since the concept of agri-inputs e-commerce emerged in China. During this period, AgroPages has been questioned by readers on whether the phenomenon of popular agri-inputs e-commerce in the past two years occurred just in China? Do other countries and regions have such kind of transaction pattern and what experience can be referenced to?

  • Agroads: Game changer in Argentina’s online distribution channels2017-08-30

    Robert Rodríguez, director of Agroads, told AgroPages that he had been working for a couple of Internet companies, and after analyzing the market, he found that there are no good solutions available in the agricultural sector for solving the problem of connecting supply with demand.

  • Big Data in Agriculture: Bigger Value and Opportunity2017-03-07

    AgroPages invited the leading companies in the agricultural information technology industry: The Weather Company, Trimble, CropIn Technology and aWhere to discuss how big data was revolutionizing the global agriculture pattern and the current challenges it faced.

  • India Domestic Agrochemical Market Undergoing Vigorous Development2016-10-11

    India, as an agricultural country, has seen the rise of many dynamic local agrochemical companies. Compared to the situation in many countries, in which the agrochemical market is mainly dominated by multinationals, local Indian companies have great advantages in market competition due to its distinct geographical condition, culture and agricultural structure.

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