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Grace Yuan, editor of AgroPages. Email:; Wechat: nanagrace2014

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  • Copper-based Fungicides: Insight Into the Present Scenario and Future Trend   2018-10-30

    Copper-based fungicides play a decisive role in controlling bacterial diseases, whether evaluated in efficacy or market shares. At the same time, copper-based fungicides show high efficacy against some fungal diseases such as downy mildew, alternaria leaf spot and brown blotches in fruits and vegetables crops. Due to the advantages of eco-friendship, relative safety, rare resistance and usage in organic agriculture, copper-based fungicides have steadily retained the sixth position among all fungicides. Accordingly, AgroPages recently came up with a special topic surrounding copper-based fungicides/bactericide products and invited some key players in this field to share their views over the global market landscape, product series, core strengths, application situation, as well as future development prospects. The participating companies include: Spiess-Urania Chemicals GmbH, Nufarm, Quimetal Industrial, Industrias Químicas del Vallés (IQV) and Shyam Chemicals.

  • Guangxi Tianyuan: Integrated Farming Services to Help Transform and Upgrade China's Agriculture   2018-10-29

    Guangxi Tianyuan positions itself as an assistant to integrated farming services providers, rather than as an integrated farming services provider. In our opinion, the main players engaged in integrated farming services in the future should be the platform providers in counties and their cooperative farming services managers. Based on this concept, Guangxi Tianyuan has been, in recent years, vigorously supporting agri-inputs wholesalers who have cooperated with us for many years or those who have never done business with us but agree with the concept of farming services. By providing these wholesalers with highly effective pesticides, pesticide application equipment and such other highly efficient agricultural machinery as sugarcane harvesting machines and mobile dryers, Guangxi Tianyuan supports them in the transformation to plant protection and integrated farming services providers.

  • Wynca: Strengthens development of formulation and adjuvant for UAV application, Nongfeike Platform plays an active role in establishing benign eco-market   2018-10-26

    In 2017, Wynca conducted restructuring of its research institution, taking into account the agricultural service strategy of the company, thus to move towards integration of production and technical research. The research team, which is dedicated to aerial application-oriented pesticide and adjuvant development, has 26 staff members, including 1 doctorate and 25 post-graduate staff members. Wynca is also cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Zhejiang University of Technology, Nankai University and Nanjing Agricultural University, in research and development of aerial application-oriented pesticides and adjuvants. In the meantime, the research hardware facilities of Wynca are much improved, as all fundamental pesticide adjuvant analysis methods and equipment are made available. Wynca has its complete analytical appliances for analysis of contact angles, droplet sizes and droplet depositions, being able to conduct all necessary tests. We are now considering the setting up of our product evaluation system.

  • DJI: Forges premium crop protection UAVs and creates benign eco-market with partners   2018-10-25

    Up until July 2018, the domestic possessing capacity of DJI’s MG series reached over 16,000 units in total in China. According to third-party statistics, DJI stands at a leading position in respect to both market share and the sales volume of 2018. On the 3rd September 2018, crop protection service by DJI agricultural drone reached accumulatively over 100 million Mu (6.67 million Ha) of crop land. China has 2.025 billion Mu(134.8 million Ha) of cultivated land, DJI, as a single-brand product, has made the breakthrough in servicing of 100 million Mu (6.67 million Ha) of crop land. This indicates the widespread recognition and acceptance of DJI products all over China, which also stands for a new beginning of the Chinese aerial crop protection development.

  • 2017 Top 20 Global Agchem Companies (2012-2017 Sales Performance)   2018-10-16

    Recently, AgroPages published the listing of 2017 Top 20 Global Agrochemical Companies and the sales performance of relevant companies of the last six years (During 20122017 year). 2017 was a key "turning year" for the agricultural inputs industry, and was more of a milestone year, with historical significance. In that year, the majority of the global first-tier and second-tier multinationals participated in different levels of mergers and acquisitions (M&As), which assisted in the industry restructuring to reach a peak. The M&As consequently kicked off a new pattern of global agricultural inputs industry, as all large agrochemical companies moved into a new stage of development.

  • Nematodes: Emerging Problems and Integrated Management Solutions in Latin America   2018-08-03

    Nematodes cause average losses of ~ US$ 200 per hectare in crops in Brazil (average of soybean, cotton, sugarcane and coffee). In 2015, the Brazilian Nematological Society estimated the country's economic losses caused by nematodes at $10 billion per year, making this group of pests accountable for the largest economic loss (even greater than that caused by soybean rust). The intensive use of the soil, the lack of crop rotation and the use of varieties without resistance are decisive factors responsible for the proliferation of these worms that attack the plant roots and affect the water and nutrient absorption.

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