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  • Nematodes: Emerging Problems and Integrated Management Solutions in Latin America   2018-08-03

    Nematodes cause average losses of ~ US$ 200 per hectare in crops in Brazil (average of soybean, cotton, sugarcane and coffee). In 2015, the Brazilian Nematological Society estimated the country's economic losses caused by nematodes at $10 billion per year, making this group of pests accountable for the largest economic loss (even greater than that caused by soybean rust). The intensive use of the soil, the lack of crop rotation and the use of varieties without resistance are decisive factors responsible for the proliferation of these worms that attack the plant roots and affect the water and nutrient absorption.

  • Interview Series 2: Quimetal Industrial increases presence of copper-based fungicides in the African and Asian market   2018-07-20

    Quimetal is a private Chilean company dedicated for more than 68 years to the manufacturing of a complete range of copper and Sulphur fungicides, including copper hydroxide, copper oxychloride, cuprous oxide and Bordeaux mixture, in formulated and technical forms. Our products are sold in the five continents with an important market share in America and Europe. Our goal is to increase our participation in the African and Asian market through alliances with important companies. We are optimistic about the future of copper due to the wide use of it and the increase of organic agriculture.

  • Interview Series 1: Nufarm offers excellent copper-based fungicide solutions   2018-07-13

    We have been a major player in the copper segment globally for nearly 20 years. Our wide range of copper products includes both copper hydroxide and tri-basic copper-based products, formulated to meet varying needs around the world. Our offer includes high-metallic load WG; dust-free, easy flowing Dry Prill; convenient flowable offers, and our flagship brands, Cuproxat® and ChampION++™.

  • Developing Agrochemical Formulations - New Challenges, Solutions and Trends   2018-05-22

    The formulation plays an essential role in achieving the successful delivery and biological activity of any plant protection product, while its development is facing a series of new challenges. Accordingly, AgroPages recently invited three key players: Syngenta, BASF Crop Protection and Arysta LifeScience to share their insights on the new challenges, key influencing factors and potential solutions of the agrochemical formulation development, as well as their innovation formulation technologies/products etc.

  • HELM:Positive transformation and rapid response to address challenges in the industry   2018-03-21

    2017 has been a successful year for HELM’s crop protection business. We foresaw some of the challenges, planned accordingly, and have beaten our expectations on a global basis. The channel inventory situation in Brazil is a challenge, but this has been off-set by growth in other regions of the world. The dramatic increases in prices and availability issues in China are, of course, difficult to manage, but our long-term strategic relationships with our suppliers and our collaborative purchasing behavior has paid off, allowing us to continue to serve our customers in these difficult times.

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