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  • Annual Review of Global Biopesticide and Biocontrol Industry 2017   2018-04-06

    Looking back over the past year, the global biopesticide industry was still in the consolidation phase, and the industry related events occurred frequently. This article cites several major key words such as mergers and acquisitions, distribution cooperation, investment and expansion, product registration or listing, and analyzes the major events that have taken place in the global biopesticide industry in the year.

  • Pesticides Registered & Launched in 2017 and Analysis of Key Products   2018-04-05

    . In 2017, all prime agrochemical enterprises have registered or launched a number of novel pesticide products in the world. However an awkward situation is that there have been few registrations or launches of novel active ingredients of pesticide in 2017. This article makes a summary of pesticides newly registered or launched in 2017 while giving highlight on the several novel active ingredients registered or launched in the year.

  • Pesticides Registered & Launched in 2016 and Analysis of Key Products   2017-02-24

    Every crop protection product that reaches the market costs $286 million and takes 11 years of research and development to ensure the highest safety and efficacy standards, according to relevant reports. The cost of bringing a new product to market has increased by 55 percent since the turn of the century.

  • 2015 Annual Review-Biopesticides Registered in 2015 and Analysis of Its Future Prospects   2016-02-05

    With the new continued development of organic farm product in international market and the pest’s increased resistance to chemical pesticide, demand for eco-friendly biopesticide is globally growing day by day. Also while more and more modern molecular biology is applied to development of biopesticide, new biopesticide varieties have emerged over recent years.

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