Manohar Malani
Managing Director   NCS Green Earth Pvt Ltd.

Graduated from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Manohar Malani holds Bachelor degree of Engineering (BE), Instrumentation. He works for three companies now.

# Green Earth: Technology to Simplify Crop Care. Non-Toxic solution around innovative technologies including Microbe Activated Carbon [MAC] Technology, Organosilicon, Chitosan and other natural products. A proven "7 Star Crop Care Strategy" helps commercial farmers improve profitability, productivity, quality and soil while reducing the use of toxic chemicals.

# Sinthesis Greenchem: Amorphous Silica & Silicates from Rice Husk Ash. Commercially successful and scalable technology. Used in Food, Pharmaceuticals, Construction, Paint, Paper, Rubber, Tire, Agriculture, Pesticide, Anti-Caking etc.

# SiUREcure: Improving concrete health using Green Silicates & Silica derived from Rice Husk Ash. Penetrating sealers, mineral paints, water proofing and more.

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