Maria Luiza Castro

Maria Luiza Castro, Biologist and Entomologist, is the Technical Director and Co-Founder of CESIS Consultancy since 2005. She has years of progressively responsible experience directing a multidisciplinary team of former government regulatory consultants in Brazil and Latin Americ. She is also one of the Co-Founders of RED LATAM Group of Consultants.

Maria Luiza has spent eight years as a government consultant at the Brazilian Environmental Agency – IBAMA. Since 2000, she is part of the team of GLP inspectors from INMETRO (National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology), the Brazilian Compliance Monitoring Authority for the Principles of Good Laboratory Practices – GLP.

As part of RED LATAM Group of Consultants, CESIS provides support to clients in different countries with expertise on a wide range of scientific and regulatory issues.

Both CESIS (in Brazil) and RED LATAM (in 15 differen countries of Latin America) provide support to clients with experts in Regulatory Intelligence / Affairs with staff coming from diverse backgrounds with many of our consultants holding positions in the government and industry before join the team. Consultancies core services include the support of the authorization, compliance and defense of biological and chemically related products including Plant Protection Agents, Fertilizers, Stimulants and other products.

CESIS and RED LATAM aim to understand client´s goals and objectives, the scientific and technical aspects of projects, and the regulatory issues involved, so that it is easier to plan a strategic path forward to become strong advocates for the clients and understand the importance of meeting deadlines while also being responsible and nimble in the ever-changing regulatory landscape. CESIS and RED LATAM are committed to professionalism and have the utmost respect for the confidentiality of the work and clients. All the success is based on having a clear understanding and knowledge of local procedures, culture and languages in the jurisdictions that present challenges to the clients.

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