Jorgelina Lezaun
Agribusiness & Marketing ConsultantArgentina / South America Region   AgriConsult LATAM

Mrs Jorgelina Lezaun has been working in DuPont Crop Protection Marketing Southern Cone for many years. Then she was named General Manager by Provivi US. She is Agricultural Engineer, PGD Agribusiness & Food and Marketing Specialist. She has knowledges and expertise in Chemicals and Biologicals inputs segments for agriculture in main and specialty crops. She is CEO & founder of AgriConsult Latam that is focused to bring Consultancy and Professional Services to Global customers in AgriBusiness, Natural Resources, Sustainabilty and related business. AgriConsult Latam is based in Pampas Region of Argentina and it has a network of regional experts to serve its global clients from Europe, Asia, North America and other Latin American countries. On 2022, in their expansion plan was also founded AgriExport Latam that is a new business area focused on the exports of Biologicals inputs/products for agriculture aligned to fit global trends and demand in food production and environment care. Futher details about papers, customers and general info can be found at https://www.agriconsult-latam.com/

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