Dr. Adolf Heintze
Senior Regulatory Scientist   Eurofins Agroscience Services Ltd.

Dr. Adolf Heintze is a senior regulatory scientist/ scientific advisor at Eurofins Agroscience Regulatory, specialising in biological products.

In his present role, he advises companies from a regulatory perspective, in the development and commercialization of biologicals, including micro-organisms, semio-chemicals and natural substances, resulting in sustainable registration strategies. He has supported the approval of active substances such as micro-organisms, plant extracts and substances of natural origin, used in plant protection products in the EU.

Dr. Adolf Heintze holds a PhD in biochemistry from the University of Hannover. For 15 years he was a study director and laboratory manager in GLP laboratories, focusing on analytical chemistry, metabolism and aquatic toxicology. For the last 17 years, he has been a regulatory scientist, focusing on active substances and products (chemical and biological) and has been an active member of the IBMA Natural Substance Group.

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