Michael Helmstetter
Co-founder, president and chief executive   TechAccel

Michael Helmstetter is the co-founder, president and chief executive of TechAccel (Technology Acceleration Partners). TechAccel is a technology and venture development enterprise in the agriculture and animal health sector. It identifies promising innovations in key technology areas, and then makes equity investments and fund science advancement research. Through their network of research universities and institutes, they expand the innovation by applying it to adjacent markets, giving the innovator another shot on goal. Michael also serve as managing partner of Covenant Animal Health Partners, a TechAccel subsidiary that focuses on development of “revenue-ready” animal health products for companion and farm animals. Michael has more than 30 years of start-up, spin-off and technology advancement expertise in sectors including agriculture, defense and biotechnology. His research and development experience covers biotechnology, toxicology, chemical instrumentation, sampling designs and complex data analysis.

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