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Sarah Keyes

2017-05-05 United States

H2 GrainGage The H2 GrainGage combines the reliability of HarvestMaster’s industry-proven Classic GrainGage with “H2 Technology”. This unique signal processing and grain handling results in unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy. This product comes in a compact, lightweight package, ideal for small-plot harvesters and stationary research threshing operations. Mirus Field Data Collection Software Mirus was developed to produce maximum data collection performance. With multiple ways to view data through easy-to-access screens and menus, this product’s user interface features finger-friendly icons and easy-to-use navigation menus. With a simple and efficient workflow, loads of data at your fingertips, note-taking features, and plugin versatility, Mirus is the perfect software companion for industry standard HarvestMaster? GrainGages?. GNSS Field Mapping Plugins for Mirus The Mirus GNSS Field Mapping Plugin saves time and money by reducing field visits and time spent measuring. GPS is used to map the perimeter of the field, eliminating the need for any manual measurement. It also gives you the ability to adjust perimeter on the fly, even after the ground has been worked. Easy exportation options allow you to view a perimeter on Google earth for a clear satellite view of your plot area. This plugin provides assurance and ease from start to finish. From initial field layout to note-taking navigation all the way to improving harvest efficiency. What are the new products and technologies recently introduced to the Latin American market by your company?

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